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Intuitive User Experience


Generate detailed budgets based on historical data and predefined templates.  User-friendly layouts make it easy for anyone in your organization to budget quickly and efficiently. 

Better Collaboration


Facilitate team collaboration with our intuitive interface, allowing real-time updates, comprehensive commenting features, and streamlined approval workflows to ensure efficient and inclusive budgeting processes.

Faster Approvals


Automated workflows to notify approvers when users submit their budgets. Approval levels can be built into the workflow, and budget owners receive comments left by approvers.

Easy Budget Creation

By leveraging the power of streamlined worksheets that integrate seamlessly into the overall budget framework, managers can take charge of financial responsibilities with confidence and ease.


Budget Worksheets

Facilitate collaboration and ensure that each department's financial plan is reflective of their unique needs.

Once individual budgets are crafted, they effortlessly roll up into the overall budget, painting a holistic picture of the organization's financial landscape.

Worksheet| Working Budget

Budget Comparisons

Construct budgets based on historical data, the previous year's budget, or start from scratch.

This customizability ensures that every budget is grounded in reality and aligned with strategic growth objectives.

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Harness the Power of Forecasting for Financial Success

Designed to help you navigate today's complex financial landscape, Martus offers three types of forecasting for short and long-term projections.

Gain insight into the potential impact financial decisions and confidently plan for the future, no matter what comes your way.  

Martus Forecasting Features

Dynamic Projections
Tailor your forecasts to reflect the unique structure of your organization by selecting specific dimensions, accounts, or account categories.

Insightful Annotations
Enhance your projections with notes that capture the rationale behind future adjustments and assumptions, offering clarity and context to your financial strategy.

Instant Results
Witness the immediate impact of your forecasts on your bottom line, with the ability to view results in familiar summary or detailed views, consistent with the Martus interface you already know.

Excel Integration
For those who prefer the flexibility of spreadsheets, easily export your forecasts to Excel and manipulate the data as needed.

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Seamless Integration

Integrate with over 20 ERP and accounting tools
to create a custom tech stack that supports your organization's needs.

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We use Martus for budgeting and income statement reporting by department. It replaced Excel spreadsheets. It enables us to access more information quickly and easily make budget changes.
Joe Christensen
Joe Christensen
CFO, Mt. Olivet Rolling Acres
The budget capabilities strike an incredible balance of sophistication and simplicity. When I need to look at our P&L and other reports I seldom do it in the native reporting tool in our ERP - it is just so much easier to review it in Martus.
Scott Hollrah
Scott Hollrah
Venn Technology
Martus is extremely user friendly and integrates with our financial software perfectly. It has allowed us to improve our efficiency with budgeting and budget managers find it extremely helpful.
Niki K
Niki Kotsapouikis
Controller, Catherine Cook School
Martus Solutions has been a real asset in evolving our budgeting process. By moving us away from manual Excel spreadsheets, the focus has shifted from just creating to actual management of our budgetary cycle. The collaborative environment has improved transparency and accountability across our teams
Laila Bueckers
Laila Bueckers
Controller, Glenstone Foundation

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