Transform your budgeting and reporting in as little as two weeks.

Turn your data into actionable insights with our cloud-based solution.


Budget worksheets built in the cloud enable you to work faster and alleviate the headaches that come with spreadsheets.


Choose between multiple pre-built reports that each give you the ability to slice and dice the data the way you want it, or for greater insight, create your own customized presentations that give leadership exactly what they want to see with our Custom Report Builder.


Empower everyone on your team to be in the know with real-time budgeting and reporting that’s accessible anytime, anywhere.

We make budgeting & reporting easy.

Budget worksheet mockup

Robust budgeting
& planning

Engage leadership in the planning process quickly and easily with our pre-built planning templates. You no longer need to share and keep track of revisions to Excel files. Think of the time you will save!

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Powerful Reporting
& Dashboards

View graphical presentations of performance versus budget and prior year plus average weekly giving and more. Choose between multiple report templates that provide users control of row and column contents plus drill down to the transaction detail level. All of this is immediately available within minutes after connecting to your accounting system and tailored to your
financial structure.


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